When Photos Don’t Lie

By Pete Williams

'Ironmom' Yvette Barrett

I’ve been around sports photographers for more years than I care to admit and always had a hunch that what they do is a lot more difficult than it looks. That proved to be the case on Sunday when I took my new DSLR camera to the Chilly Willy Duathlon in St. Petersburg.

I took more than 300 photos and there weren’t more than 20 that qualify as good. I have much to learn about settings and exposure and speeds, let alone adding action photography into the equation.

One photo stood out. A woman wearing a pink “Ironmom” T-shirt flew by me on the bike and somehow I managed to capture her look of focused determination – in focus. Her arms obscured her race number, so I figured I’d never ID her. But while scrolling through Facebook today, I found her tagged in someone else’s race photos.

She’s Yvette Weller Barrett: 40, U.S. Army veteran, wife, mom, and owner of a court reporting business in the Tampa Bay area. In other words, pretty much the impressive background you’d expect from a woman wearing such a determined expression. No surprise that her time (1:18:42) was among the best in her age group.


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3 responses to “When Photos Don’t Lie

  1. Cynthia A.G. Reynolds

    She is a force to be reckoned with! We were best friends during Basic Training and two of the top female soldiers in our company. We reunited last April via Facebook after 17 years. Since then I have agreed to run the 2011 Chicago Marathon with her. She is in Florida, I am in Chicago – she is training me and encouraging me long distance. This amazing woman has been running less than 3 years and has accomplished so much. Her results are astounding and she is definitely one to watch. It doesn’t surprise me at all to see her featured in an article. She’ll be on covers and in feature articles very soon.

  2. Woohoo Eve!!! Representin the Palm Harbor Tri Warriors!!! Way to go!! And yes, that pretty much sums up Eve! She’s amazing!!

  3. That is a great article and Eve definitely deserves the praise!!! She is as determined as determined gets! She is a true inspiration!!! Great job Eve!

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