Insider Trading, Ironman Athletes, Oh My!

By Pete Williams

The Wall Street Journal reported a remarkable story about two mid-30s guys who were best friends. They worked for the same hedge fund. Donald Longueuil had been the best man in Noah Freeman’s wedding and there were plans for Freeman to return the favor.

Unfortunately, the best man-to-be got busted for insider trading. As an early wedding present, Freeman wore a wire for the government and brought Longueuil down with him.

The guys had a shared interest in speed skating. Their significant others were on a college rowing team together.

The soon-to-be married couple rode on the same New York cycling team. The already married couple – Freeman and Hannah England – competed in triathlons together. Freeman even proposed to England midway through the Ironman 70.3 in St. Croix in 2008.

I looked up England’s times and found that she completed 11 Ironman/or Ironman 70.3 races from 2007-09, with some impressive times. She completed Kona in 12:29 and Ironman Arizona in 11:23.

According to the WSJ, Freeman was rejected from the “Team Psycho” training team “because he didn’t always support others with what the club describes as positive ‘psycho karma,’ according to a club member.”

I imagine the movie is already in the works. We’ll need some fit mid/late 30s actors and actresses. Casting suggestions? I think Reese Witherspoon could be a believable Ironman finisher. Jeremy Piven is a little old, but has done triathlons. Jennifer Lopez and Matthew McConaughey also have raced.

Casting suggestions?

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