Mudslide: Mud Runs Overwhelm Florida

By Pete Williams

Losing the novelty?

It’s reaching the point in Florida where there might be fewer running events without mud than those featuring mud pits and Survivor-style obstacles.

We reported on this trend a month ago and at least three races have been added to a busy schedule that already includes multiple Muddy Buddy events, the Warrior Dash, Spartan Race, and three Dirty Duo races.

The Down and Dirty National Mud Run Series is the latest entry into this increasingly crowded field. The series will feature nine events this year, including a May 1 race at Zoo Miami, where Muddy Buddy staged its first event in November. Muddy Buddy recently announced a year-end race in Punta Gorda on Dec. 4. The series, owned by Competitor Group, also will return to Zoo Miami on Nov. 20 and bump up the date of its longstanding event at the ESPN Wide World of Sports in Lake Buena Vista from Mother’s Day weekend to April 9, which will kick off this year’s proceedings.

Unlike the two-person Muddy Buddy event, the Down and Dirty is a straight-up 5K and 10K. Compared to the Muddy Buddy entry fee ($170 per team plus the dreaded mandatory ransom), the Down and Dirty is relatively inexpensive at $50 or $60 for early registration for the 5K and 10K, respectively, though it tacks on its own $5 service charge. (The evil influence continues to spread!)

Then there’s the Champions Mud Bash with an event in St. Cloud on June 18 and Nov. 5 at a South Florida location to be announced. Price? A whopping $69 (plus ransom) for a three-mile run. Ouch.

Tough Mudder seems to be taking its time finalizing its Florida event. After vague talk of a date in late 2011, the Tough Mudder site has scheduled an event Dec. 3 and Dec. 4 “within two hours drive of Tampa,” according to its Web site. Given the size and scope of the event, that means Tough Mudder almost certainly will use the Triple Canopy Ranch in Lake Wales (site of last month’s Warrior Dash).

That’s because Muddy Buddy already has the Red Neck Yacht Club in Punta Gorda reserved for that same weekend. Which means the events have become so commonplace that they’re doubling up on dates and venues. A sure sign of market saturation.


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6 responses to “Mudslide: Mud Runs Overwhelm Florida

  1. Hey,
    Thanks for mentioning Champions MudBash in your article “Mudslide”. You noted that our price is high at $69. I would like to compare our price to other mud run events in Florida. Warrior Dash Jan. 2012 is $65 and they charge $10 for parking. Muddy Buddy Mud Run is $75. Spartan Race is $95. Tough Mudder is a longer race and charges $100 to $180.
    Champions MudBash entry fee includes 3 mile mud run, one free beer, tshirt, stadium cup, MudBash decal, Champions Chip timing, live music and two 30 minute shows by Team FMX motocross stunt show. Based on our lower price and what we are providing we feel Champions MudBash is a great value. We would love to have you attend our event in St. Cloud on June 18 and decide for yourself.
    Thanks Again,
    Scott James
    Florida Outdoor Events

    • Hi Scott — Thanks for the note. My comments were with respect to the distance. The price point for CMB ($69 or $85 within a month of event) seems high for a 5K obstacle/mud run. Spartan Run and Muddy Buddy are twice the distance. Tough Mudder is much longer and can be done for as little as $80 (Sunday registration through June 15). Probably the closest apples-to-apples comparison would be Warrior Dash, and I’d argue that’s overpriced, too. But, hey, if the market will bear it and you can command that price, good for you. Sounds like a blast.

      Pete Williams

  2. Your are right I should only compare apples to apples

    Muddy Buddy 5k Mud Run in Orlando $75
    Rugged Maniac 5k Mud Run in Jax $68
    Gladiator Rock n Run 5k Florida $65
    Warrior Dash 5k in Lake Wales $65

    Several of the events above will charge $5 to $10 for parking.

    Champions MudBash 5k in Orlando $69 (no parking fee) and only $2.80 “ransom” as we are paying half of that fee for our participants.

    All of the entry fees above are the regular price, not early or late registration. As race organizers we try very hard to be well priced within the market. Please don’t throw us under the bus unless we deserve it.

    Scott James

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  5. Eddie

    I attended Warrior Dash on November 10th 2012 (last Saturday, in Hialeah Read: Miami) They charged $20 per vehicle for parking.

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