Orlando Sentinel Previews ‘Streak the Cove 5K’

By Pete Williams

Streaking the Cove

The Streak the Cove 5K, the clothing-optional run produced by Enterprise Media, LLC on Sunday, May 22 at the Cypress Cove nudist resort, continues to receive a slew of publicity.

In addition to last month’s coverage by Runner’s World online, Mike Bianchi of sports radio 740 AM “The Game” in Orlando interviewed us last week. Our YouTube promo video has received more than 12,000 hits. And now The Orlando Sentinel’s endurance sports blogger Wesley Alden has chimed in with a preview.

Ms. Alden is intrigued by the race.

“After more than a year of races, I’m so close to finding the perfect shirt, shorts, sports bra and underwear combination that won’t cause chafing during long runs,” she writes. “Now I realize that the minimalist approach may have been the answer all along: no clothes = no chafing.”

You can register for the event HERE.

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