Tough Mudder Training “Camp”

By Pete Williams

Four months and counting

With the debut of Tough Mudder in Florida just four months out, many registrants are getting ready to tackle what’s been called the toughest race in the obstacle mud run category.

There’s a free Tough Mudder training session on Saturday, August 6 at Crossfit TNL in the Westchase section of Tampa (12720 Dupont Cir.). It gets underway at 10 a.m. and is followed by a Paleo Potluck BBQ. Our pal James Bellamy from Mix1 will be out there with free samples of Mix1, the all-natural protein shake.

Athletes of all fitness levels are welcome. Whether you’re signed up for Tough Mudder, considering registering or have just been wanting to try an adventure race, this is a great way to ease your way into it.

It’s difficult to think of another event that involves many of the breakout elements of endurance sports in 2011: CrossFit, obstacle mud runs, the Paleo Diet, and convenient post-workout protein shakes.

We’re registered for Tough Mudder and we’ll be there on Saturday. Will you?


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