Working a Savage Tan

By Pete Williams

Savage Racers

I just signed up for The Savage Race, the Aug. 27 event in Clermont billed as “the race built to kick your ass.”

If nothing else, it might be the hottest race the ever-expanding obstacle mud run category, which includes at least 22 events put on by 17 companies this year in Florida alone. High temperatures in Clermont are projected by to be 89 degrees on Aug. 27 — last wave goes off at noon, so that’s entirely possible.

I’m interested to see what will set the Savage Race apart. For starters, there’s a lake swim where athletes go across a 150-yard body of water that’s deep in the middle. That should separate the swimmers from the pretenders. (Like most obstacle runs, I’m guessing there’s an alternative punishment for those unable or unwilling to complete a challenge). The now-familiar mud run standards will be there: mud, barbwire, one free beer, $10 parking, etc.

I did Muddy Buddy in April, The Spartan Race in June and am signed up for Tough Mudder in December. Who knows? Maybe I’ll jump in a few more before the Year of the Obstacle Mud Run is over.

If nothing else, I’ll be prepared. Saturday is another edition of Tough Mudder training at The Next Level Training Center in Tampa at 10 a.m. It’s no charge and definitely worth it – if you can take the heat.

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