Ragin’ Warrior’s Learning Experience

By Pete Williams

Ragin' Ice Plunge: twice as long, half as cold

OCALA -In the last two years, Tough Mudder, Warrior Dash, and Spartan Race each have emerged as $40 million businesses, each weekend drawing between 10,000 and 20,000 athletes willing to pay between $100 and up to race, along with $10 parking fees and additional charges for post-race food.

It’s a business model with a high profit margin. Not surprisingly, numerous imitators have sprung up around the country.

Think you can put on an obstacle race? You might want to talk to Donny Jones.

Jones is the race director of the Ragin’ Warrior Challenge, which attracted just 96 athletes this morning to the Florida Horse Park. Half of those bought discounted entries via Groupon. Judging by the reviews posted on the race’s Facebook page, a number still felt they overpaid.

Jones admits he didn’t do as thorough a job of planning as he would have liked and didn’t get nearly enough volunteers to show. It didn’t help that his team was not allowed to start setting up obstacles until Wednesday. As a result, the course wasn’t well marked and many athletes ended up running just 6.5 miles of the 10.8-mile course, thus missing five obstacles and all of the water stops.

“I dropped the ball and have no excuses,” Jones said. “Our prep time wasn’t long enough. There were a lot of things we planned on that we couldn’t do. I’m embarrassed at what happened and I want people to know I didn’t just throw this together to make money. I  lost $6,500 on this and I hope this doesn’t kill my business.”

Navigating a tire challenge

The Ragin’ Warrior was hyped as the toughest obstacle race on the planet, the one that would make Tough Mudder and Spartan Race look like fun runs. Jones planned to create a military-style obstacle course with challenges never before seen in the category.

The Ragin’ Warrior showed promise. Less than 100 yards from the start, Jones set up a double version of Tough Mudder’s notorious Chernobyl Jacuzzi: a pair of 30-yard dumpsters lined back. Unfortunately, only half the expected ice showed up and the plunge wasn’t very cold. (Some athletes got in after the race to cool off.)

After the ice plunge, athletes took a right turn into the woods and ran another 100 yards before reaching a dead end. Jones said it was marked with a U-Turn, but apparently not clearly enough. Either way, it set the tone for a course that would leave athletes guessing through most of the morning. (I didn’t run myself, having gotten injured last week at the Spartan Race in Miami, but was able to follow the race via golf cart.)

At one point, athletes dealt with “Shock and Awe,” crawling under barbwire while a 50-caliber machine gun fired compressed air overhead. Smoke grenades went off and someone even sprayed a hose for good measure. Jones had hoped to stage “Mount Ragin’,” two metal cargo containers stacked to form a 17-foot obstacle athletes must climb with ropes, but that was not allowed for insurance reasons.

Another “Barrel Bridge” obstacle required athletes to walk across quickly like in lumberjack competitions, but most misinterpreted it and just belly-flopped across. “The goal was to have a volunteer at each of those,” Jones said.

Jones said the Florida Horse Park would not let him set up obstacles until several days before, which explains why many of the obstacles were steeplechase-like challenges horses deal with during the property’s many equestrian events. The facilities manager told anyone who would listen that he has a major event coming up next month and was concerned about obstacles leaving holes that big-money horses might step in.

Jones has pledged on his Facebook page to give free entries and gas cards to Florida participants to his upcoming Georgia race, tentatively scheduled for May 26, though he says he could push it back to make sure he gets everything right.

Barrels and steeplechase

“Next time, I’ll have it set up two weeks in advance and will let anyone who wants to see it beforehand,” Jones says. “It made me sick to my stomach to see what happened today and I know you don’t always get a second chance. The last thing you want to do is lead people on and not live up to the hype. I know I let 96 people down and I’m determined to give them the ultimate obstacle experience next time.”

Here’s hoping it works, though athletes show little patience for subpar obstacle races, which as a group charge big money when compared to half-marathons and triathlons.

Last year the Iron Crusader debuted in Fort Meade but will not be back. The Champions Mud Bash canceled a proposed second race and does not have one scheduled for 2012. The Florida Dirty Duo, which debuted in 2006, canceled its race last year. This year, Muddy Buddy pulled its two races out of Florida, though it would have returned to Disney’s Wide World of Sports had Disney not banned outside promoters from putting on endurance events there.

Rock on Adventures (Highlander) and Savage Race have built some traction in the last year. But we’re not seeing any other Florida-based obstacle race promoters with staying power just yet.

Maybe one will get a shot at using the Florida Horse Park, a well-manicured, 500-acre slice of Old Florida ideal for obstacle racing, though it’s tough to imagine it wanting to host another event after today. One thing Jones and the facilities manager seemed to agree on is that park officials aren’t too excited to host obstacle racing.

Still, it’s listed as the site for Hero Rush, a firefighter-themed obstacle race series, on Nov. 3.


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10 responses to “Ragin’ Warrior’s Learning Experience

  1. Phillip Gauthier

    They have already returned my email and offered free entry to GA event with gas cards, although they did not say how much, even the whole entry it won’t pay the gas, but I did have some fun, I have a friend that lives in GA and look forward to giving the event another chance.

  2. What about Sqwish Sqwash Challenges? We put on a great couple of events and received 4 out of 5 stars. Please don’t leave us out. We are here to stay and we are coming to Florida & Georgia. We have a waiting list for dates being released soon… We are also sponsored by Yuengling Brewery and Extreme SEAL Experience. We offer an “ALL AMERICAN SEAL OF HONOR”. Everything American Made from course material, medals, and t-shirts, etc. Mudrunfun also has said we are tougher, all around more challenging and more fun than even your average Tough Mudder challenge. This does not include their world championship (yet). Thank you for your time. Sqwish Sqwash Team, Max

  3. Thai

    Wow. I think you were almost too nice! Even though I cant believe a single word coming from Donny Jones! It’s (wrong) to say he couldn’t get volunteers. I volunteered my time from Friday afternoon until my race Saturday with no reply! 11.5 miles, more like 6 miles. Why hype something up that you can’t deliver – like water stations? Did he need days to figure that one out! Live entertainment, really? Doesn’t he at least have a boombox? Custom dog tags? They must of forgot to order them in all the chaos of NOT BUILDING OBSTACLES! Ice? Is there an ice shortage in Ocala? Donny needs to be a man and stop blaming other people. It’s not the volunteers. It’s not the venue, It’s just that you REALLY suck at putting together an obstacle race!

  4. I don’t what the promoter is trying to pull off by lying now to cover his ass. There were no water stations and there was not a marked or badly marked 10 mile course or missed obstacles. After the race ended myself and another runner (who both trained for a long race) went back looking to see if we had missed something and we grabbed a copy of the course map they posted online from the car; there wasn’t anything else. So I’m calling B.S. on that. And also calling B.S. on only being allowed to set up 3 days before the event. I spoke directly to horse park manager/owner who expressly stated he had no idea why they waited till 3 days before hand to setup and they should have been out weeks before hand . So not only did you fail at doing your job, which everyone paid for, in putting this event on you are now point blank LYING about it !

  5. Ace

    Come on out to Superhero Scramble, the best Obstacle race in Fl.

  6. kristinleeann

    March 3, 2012 was not one for the books in a good day. However Ragin’ Warrior Challenge is striving to make things right. Since March 3rd Ragin’ Warrior is in the re-planning process to give a successful event. The Ragin’ Warrior Challenge gives back to the Lone Survivor Foundation and is determined not to let them down. Ragin’ Warrior is on the hunt for another Central Florida location to host Ragin’ Warrior Redemption! This event will be free to the participants of March 3, 2012. This event will also be open to the public as the venue and date are set. Ragin’ Warrior is serious about turning around the chain of events that occurred on March 3, 2012.

  7. Marc

    Yes, now they’re offering free tickets and gas cards as well for the new event. Sucks that the land owner wouldn’t let the team lay down any obstacles until only a few days before the course unlike originally planned. Overall, the crowd was great and I had some fun nonetheless

  8. Ryan

    I think Ragin Warrior folded.

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