The New Rules of Lifting – for Life

By Pete Williams

Since the publication of the original New Rules of Lifting book in 2005, Lou Schuler and Alwyn Cosgrove have showed how to strength train more efficiently, effectively, and with less chance of injury.

In The New Rules of Lifting for Life, the just-released fourth book in the series, Schuler and Cosgrove show why it’s important to train differently once you hit middle age.

It’s the Catch-22 of fitness demographics. Those who take training seriously and work out aggressively end up with chronic aches and pains in midlife because they don’t know how to adjust their programs as they get older. And those who take it easy end up with overfed, underdeveloped bodies that don’t respond well when they decide to get serious about exercise.

So the authors set out to create a new template for exercise, one that delivers serious results but is also flexible enough to accommodate individual limitations. NROL for Life offers a six-month plan that balances total-body strength, endurance, mobility, balance, coordination, and athleticism. The workouts are challenging and, in conjunction with the suggested diet modifications, will help readers change the way their bodies look, feel, and perform.

We’re big fans of Cosgrove and Schuler, who served as the editor for the original Core Performance book I had the honor of writing with Mark Verstegen. Schuler also has been a frequent guest on The Fitness Buff Show, and he joined us again today to discuss his new book. You can listen to that interview HERE.


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