Compression for Your Joints

By Pete Williams

Compression socks have been around for a few years and many runners swear by them.

Now a New Jersey company has created a line of orthopedic braces that leverage a three-dimensional knitting process to provide compression, support and therapeutic relief to athletes who deal with aches and pains.

BRD Sport orthopedic braces, previously available only through hospitals and medical suppliers, now are available to runners, triathletes, and other athletes looking for support for their injured joints.

BRD braces combine the comfort of traditional braces with the snug fit of athletic tape. Made at the family-owned company’s New Jersey factory, the braces come in black with an orange stripe in seven sizes to fit the ankle, knee, or elbow. BRD braces seem to solve the problem of traditional braces, which make you feel slow, clunky, and uncomfortable.

Over the years we’ve been among the first to report about certain products when they were virtual unknowns such as Powerplate, the TRX Suspension Trainer, the Perfect Push-Up, and Five-Hour Energy. BRD seems to have the similar feel of something that could succeed big-time by providing a simple solution.

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One response to “Compression for Your Joints

  1. Doug

    I started wearing the BRD knee brace a few months ago and it truly has made a difference. if you have knee or ankle problems, give it a try.

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