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Unfortunate Billboard Positioning

By Pete Williams

This has nothing to do with Florida endurance sports, though the billboards in question stand not far from several Clearwater bicycle shops.

Take a look at this billboard. It’s for Frenchy’s Restaurant, the chain of four Clearwater Beach eateries. Note how the crab legs extend beyond the top of the sign. If it’s not something you would have noticed, you’re not alone. Apparently the guys putting up the sign didn’t give it much thought either. Look at how the legs come across on the billboard on the opposite side.

Hey, at least no needles are scalpels are involved! I wonder what vasectomy doc Doug Stein (pictured on board) thinks of this. He holds the North American record for most vasectomies and some of his billboards have a McDonald’s-style counter touting his 20,000-plus snips. (Or would that be 40,000-plus?)

Anyway, there must be something about this stretch of US 19 in Clearwater when it comes to family planning and unfortunate business pairings. Just a block south of the vasectomy/claw billboard is this signage.

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