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New Hip, New Knee – Let’s Race!

By Pete Williams

Boomers not slowing down

The Wall Street Journal revisited a story it tackled a few years ago, the trend of baby boomers and even some Generation Xers to undergo hip and knee replacements only to return to active lifestyles of running, triathlon, and equestrian events.

It wasn’t that long ago when joint replacements were for older folks who just wanted to spend their senior years without pain. Now people in their 40s – and even late 30s – are having such procedures. No doubt some of them have logged too many miles running, especially if they have muscle imbalances that have exacerbated the need for a new hip or knee.

The Wall Street Journal quotes docs as saying folks with new knees and hips should focus on lower impact sports like swimming and cycling, but naturally that’s not enough for many people.

Also of note is that technology has improved knee/hip replacements, which now can last for up to 30 years.

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